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    Post by chootsim on Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:09 pm

    DO Jockeys matter in a race.
    Yes, but only a little. Horse-racing enthusiasts like to say that the jockey accounts for 10 percent of a horse's performance on any given day. While that's hardly scientific, it gets to the nut of a jockey's role: He can't do much with a lousy horse, but he can help a great horse win. The best jockeys know an animal's strengths and weaknesses. Some horses prefer to hang back and break at the last minute, while others, known as speed horses, like to be out front the whole time. Some horses are comfortable running in close quarters and can pass along the rail on the left, while others need more space and pass on the right. A jockey takes these factors into account and adjusts his strategy accordingly.
    Good jockeys also research the competition. They review videos of other horses and read the Daily Racing card for updates on their performances that then inform strategy. If three speed horses are entering your race........
    you might want to let them battle it out for the frontrunner position and surge once they get tired. Jockeys also need to know the track. For example, the way the water runs off may leave the inside path drier than the rest, making it a more attractive place to be. to go for the finishing post.
    Jockeys also have very particular physical characteristics. Controlling a horse at 40 miles per hour requires a rare combination of strength and lightness. Jockeys tend to weigh between 109 and 116 pounds and eat very little in the days before a race. Finally, the best jockeys can relate to horses—they know how to keep them calm in tense race situations. So... Do jockeys matter in a race.


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