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    Go to the races well armed.


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    Go to the races well armed. Empty Go to the races well armed.

    Post by chootsim on Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:31 am

    Joy of handicapping horses.

    It is the most important information when a horse player wants to lay a bet in any horse race. It simply means which is the better horse, and in the field which horse can beat whom, the end result will be to figure out the contenders in a race and flush out the pretenders and no hopers.
    This is the winning horse players learnng curve and the end result will be that he leaves the race course with profits.

    There are many methods and system of handicapping, different school of thoughts, the best ones will be the one method that get consistent results and always stay safe to survive in the parimuteul betting system. meaning all bettors play against one another and the pool after deducting administration cost and tax, pays the dividends according to the number of bettors and monies on the winning horse and placings in a rcae.

    I aim to discuss and share my methods and system,that can separate the winers and looser, no one single method is a sure winner, as in racing, animal racing, there are NO sure winners, anything can happen, your selected horse may be check in the straights, bulk for a run in the stretch, or the weather condition may change and the track bias can throw your targeted horse to run differently due to camber difference, we can all learn of one another, i have more than 40 years in this sport for Kings and enjoyed every moment, especially the winning moments and ego boosting feeling that i have made the right choice in my selection and quest to be a consistent winning horse player.

    This thread is created to show some light for visitors to read and hope that they can also participate in a lively and amicable way and help us all find the elusive winner to stay in the game.

    Good luck and may the winners be with you.


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