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    Post by chootsim on Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:15 pm

    Mabtras of A successful Horse player. Part 1.
    A good jockey, a good horse, a good bet. A poor jockey, a good horse, a moderate bet. A good horse, a moderate jockey, a moderate bet.
    A man who plays the races successfully must have opinions of his own and the strength to stick to them no matter what he hears.
    Successful handicappers know every detail in regard to the horses upon which they are intending to place their money.
    The minute that a man loses his balance on the race track he is like a horse that is trying to run away.
    A man cannot divide his attention at the track between horses and women.
    All consistently successful players of horses are men of temperate habits in life.
    The racing man should arise in the morning cool and clear headed and should then take up the problem of the day.
    Some horses will run good races over certain tracks, while in the same company under similar conditions on other tracks they will run very disappointingly. Study the likes and dislikes of a horse in regard to tracks.
    If there are two or three very fast horses in a race one or two of them will quit before the end of the journey. Hence look out for your intelligent jockey.
    Many killings are attempted but few are accomplished..


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